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  • Performance is compelling. View our eleven year returns. All returns are net of fees and taxes.
  • Experience of over 30 years investing in the financial markets.
  • We simplify your life by consolidating your different accounts held at various institutions.
  • Also, if you are pleased with your current advisors but would like an independent second opinion, we offer a customizable asset allocation review. This can be done on an annual or quarterly basis for a nominal fee without disruption of your current money manager.


We prepare individual quarterly reports for each client's account. These reports can be customized to suit your needs and will include performance figures including comparative results of major indicies. You will receive your report within three days of the quarter's close. You will also receive a monthly statement from your custodian firm or brokerage account. When we established the firm in 2002 we committed to our current clients to remain managing a small group of families, which allows us to give them undivided personal attention.

Vision Asset Management offers international clients a currency exchange assistance through A UK based firm, Moneycorp. Click on a link below to get exchange rates and further information. When buying or selling real estae overseas, Moneycorp offers competitive rates of exchange.


As exchange experts, Moneycorp can help if you're buying property overseas. Our bank-beating exchange rates for international money transfers and expert guidance on the foreign exchange market can make buying your dream home just that little bit easier.

We can save you hundreds, even thousands on your lump sum currency trades if you are buying an overseas property outright or putting down a deposit.

Our regular payment plans are also helpful for your frequent transfers - e.g. to pay a local mortgage or regular household bills.

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Customized Services

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